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5th JSMC Recruitment Meeting

More than 1000 young researchers applied to JSMC for a PhD fellowship in 2008 within three recruitment calls.  A ...

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New JSMC Brochure available

Just in time for the 5th JSMC Recruitment Meeting and the 1st JSMC Symposium, the new JSMC Brochure arrives "hot...

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Election of the JSMC PhD Student Representatives

To promote codetermination by the PhD Students in important JSMC affairs and to install a panel for the communication...

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Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Beutenberg Campus in the ‘Goethe Galerie’

To communicate the achievements of the Beutenberg Campus in the past 10 years to the public, the anniversary of the...

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1st JSMC Summer School

This year’s JSMC Summer School was a workshop on Proteomics with a special focus on 2D-gel electrophoresis and protein...

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Citizens Festival in celebration of the ‘Day of German Unity’ in Hamburg

Once a year, in celebration of the reunification of Germany in 1989, a citizens festival is held in one of Germany’s...

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Recruitment Meeting of the DFG Research Training Group GRK 1257/1

Applicants for the PhD student positions offered by the DFG Research Training Group “Alteration and element mobility...

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7th Symposium on Remediation „Metal stress: biotic and abiotic factors“

7th Symposium on remediation in Jena “Jenaer Sanierungskolloquium” "Metal stress: biotic and abiotic...

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2nd ILRS Symposium

Location: Altes Schloss Dornburg Guests: Ingo Autenrieth, Universitätsklinikum Tübingen; Holger Deising,...

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