The JSMC Prague-trip


A city trip report by Martin Föge and Seána Duggan: test

After having been to Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg in the previous years, we kind of identified a unique pattern that seem to influence the decision where to go next. To explain: Where lies Hamburg? At the river “Elbe”. Where lies Dresden? At the river “Elbe”. Where lies Berlin? At the river Spree and Havel (which disembogue into… correct!). Therefore we couldn’t resist to go upstream (geographically speaking) to discover the next big city at the Elbe’s affluent “Vltava”: Prague! And to sum it up: Prague didn’t disappoint us! But one by one…

Although being well-known for not always being in time, the Deutsche Bahn brought us safely to Prague within a couple of hours, from where we walked to the very much centrally located Hostel, which was nice and suited perfect for backpackers’ needs. During the next few days we all benefited a lot from the presence of our friend Eliska, a Czech local, as to say, who kindly showed us around and helped us discover this absolutely amazing city! We were blessed with mild weather, a mixture of clouds and sunshine and only a few rain drops, so we were able to do sightseeing all day long by foot. This included, of course, the famous “Malá strana” – the old part of the town on the left-hand side of the Vltava and the famous castle and cathedral of “Hrad?any”, continuing the tour via the famous (and one of Prague’s oldest bridges) the “Karluv most” to the old town – “Stare Most” – with it’s lovely small alleys and medieval houses and the Old Town City Hall with the “Pražský orloj” – the oldest working clock in the world!

The next day we visited another big former castle south of “Novo Mesto” which is called “Vysehrad”. From there, one has a lovely view over Prague city centre and the local graveyard which is the resting place for famous people like Antonín Dvo?ák and Bed?ich Smetana, just to mention 2 of Czech’s most influential people.

Of course Prague is not only famous for its numerous sights but also for it’s rich cuisine, which was influenced by many cultures in the last decades and is well-known across the country’s borders (goulash & dumplings just to mention one) and its uncountable breweries. So taken together, we had a feast (although some still fancied KFC…) and enjoyed the trip very much. We think that Prague definitely is one of the cities to see! Luckily we didn’t need bad weather options, but in Prague there is so much more to discover that we highly recommend to go again!

Or somewhere else next time?!?....