"Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Jena 2009"


Long Night of Sciences in Jena

At the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften”, research institutions all over Jena invite the general public to have a look behind the scenes of science. More than 10.000 visitors got the chance to visit laboratories, conduct experiments, and ask questions this year.

JSMC had a booth at the entrance hall of the Hans Knöll Institute. Here, several guided tours through the labs of the institute started. JSMC presented its corporate videos on a large screen and answered questions about the scientific scope and the educational structure of the Graduate School of Excellence to the guests.

The JSMC PhD Students, with their PhD projects being situated at various research institutions all over Jena, contributed considerably to the "Long Night of Sciences" by guiding the vistors through their laboratories and enthusiasitically introducing their research to them.

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JSMC presentation
JSMC Fellow Michael Biermann explaining the fermentation facilities at the HKI to the visitors
Young scientist