1st student-organized JSMC Industry Partner Seminar – JenaGen GmbH


JSMC Seminar Series "Strategic Know-How from Industry Partners"

To allow for vivid discussions in an informal atmosphere, the organization of the JSMC Industry Partner Seminar was now transferred into the hands of the PhD students (upon request by the students). The first to organize the seminar in its new form was JSMC Fellow Janine Hofmann. She invited Dr. Bernd Giese, executive director of the local company JenaGen GmbH.

JenaGen has more than 10 years of expertise in molecular diagnostics, providing paternity tests, drug tests, diagnostics in the fields of veterinary, food analytics, and human health. In addition JenaGen offers sequencing services.

In the first part of his talk, Dr. Giese described the service portfolio and the R&D approaches of his company. In the second part, he gave career advice from industry perspective, going into topics such as a comparison of the advantages of a career in academia or in industry, the pros & cons of small and large companies as employers, and hands-on advice for job interviews.