7th JSMC Recruitment Meeting


Twenty-nine candidates from 13 nations were invited to the 7th JSMC Recruitment Meeting in December 2009. PhD projects within various different JSMC programs had been offered within the Recruitment Call:

  • 4 JSMC PhD Fellowships
  • 7 “Beutenberg-Stipendien” – JSMC fellowships with a special focus on the link between life sciences and physical/technological approaches. These newly established fellowships are part of the new JSMC program “MikroInter”.
  • 2 PhD positions by the “International Leibniz Research School for Microbial and Biomolecular Interactions (ILRS Jena)” embedded in JSMC.
  • In addition, PhD students of the “ProExzellenz” program “MikroPlex” got the chance to apply for admission to the Graduate School JSMC.

The program involved presentations by the project supervisors describing the offered PhD projects, talks by the candidates about their research experiences, institute visits with one-to-one interviews, and a guided city tour. The conjoint dinner for the candidates and project supervisors this time was held in the green house of the Jena Botanical Garden to create a relaxed atmosphere for discussions about future project plans.