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29.01 - 30.01.2018 09:00 - 17:00 o'clock

JSMC course: Molecular Cloning Techniques

Organizer: Florian Bredy, Prof. Dr. Christian Hertweck, Biomolecular Chemistry, HKI

Date: January 29 - 30th 2018

The workshop deals with the basic principles of molecular cloning applying restriction digest and ligation and/or an alternative method (SLIC/Gibson-assembly…) (practical work). The participants will clone anaerobe biosynthetic genes and transform E. coli, thereby applying Primer design, PCR, DNA-gelelectrophoresis, gelextraction, restriction digest, ligation and analysis of bacterial colonies. Furthermore it gives theoretical background on alternative modern cloning techniques and obstacles of heterologous gene expression of secondary metabolite biosynthesis genes.


  • molecular cloning of anaerobe biosynthetic genes (practical part)
  • alternative molecular cloning techniques: TOPO, TOPO-TA, univector plasmid-fusion system, MAGIC, SLIC, Gibson, NEBuilder, SliCE, CPCE, GeneArt, In-Fusion, GoldenGate, Biobrick/BglBrick, Gateway, Red/ET, yeast recombination, TAR, DNA libraries (Theory)
  • obstacles in heterologus expression of biosynthetic genes

Location: HKI Jena, A1, OG2

Meeting Point: HKI Jena, A1, OG2, Foyer at 9 am

The number of participants will be limited to 6 in order to assure a workshop environment conducive to “hand to hand” exercises. Students only need a basic theoretical background in molecular cloning.

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