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19.02 - 22.02.2018

IMPRS course: The Basics of Light and Fluorescence Microscopy

Lecturer: Dr. Veit Grabe

This 3-day course will be dealing with the basics of light and fluorescence microscopy. It consists of a theoretical and practical part. We will have a joint look at the various contrasting methods in light microscopy, their pros and cons as well as where to find them throughout the institute if needed. Similarly we will talk  about the available fluorescence setups and when to use them. Additional to the theoretical part we will have a practical look at the various setups of the  department of evolutionary neuroethology with single- and multiphotonconfocal microscopy, stereo microscopy and lightsheet microscopy.

Date: Feb 19 - 22nd 2018

Location: MPI-CE, Ernst-Haeckel Room

Contact: Claudia Voelckel (cvoelckel at ice.mpg.de)

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