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14.11 - 15.11.2017

IMPRS course: Leadership Skills

Lecturer: Peter Wagner

This course is designed for young researchers who are put in charge of leadership in research projects and teams. Additionally, the content of the workshop becomes important for a career outside academia. Interactive exercises will help you to understand more about yourself and your individual leadership competences as well as to start a discussion on being in a "leading" or "led" position. You will look at different leadership types and deepen relevant skills (e.g. motivation, stimulation, communication) for leading people (in projects, in organisations). In dealing with case studies, participants will also benefit from the experiences of the others.
There are no minimum requirements to take part in this course as everybody has experiences with "leadership" and anybody can be a leader tomorrow...

Participants will work together in interactive exercises and gather their own experience. The number of participants for this workshop is limited to 12.

Date: Nov 14 - 15, 2017

Location: MPI for Biogeochemistry, seminar room B0.002

For further details on the content and logistic matters (including registration issues), please contact the IMPRS office: imprs-gbgc[at]bgc-jena.mpg.de

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