Institute of Ecology

The Institute of Ecology studies interactions of organisms with their environment, with special emphasis on biodiversity research, behavioural ecology, and spatial modeling. Within the group of limnology/aquatic geomicrobiologymicrobial ecology and biogeo­chemistry of lakes, streams, peatlands, and groundwater ecosystems are investigated. 

Department of Limnology/Aquatic Geomicrobiology
Institute of Ecology    
Dornburger Straße 159
07743 Jena, Germany
Phone: +49-3641-949461
Fax: +49-3641-949462
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JSMC Doctoral Researchers at the FSU Insitute of Ecology

Hädrich, Anke

Institute of Systematic Zoology and Evolutionary Biology with Phyletic Museum
Dep. Entomology

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PhD Project:

Iron cycling in acidic fens

Möckel, Lars

Jena Microbial Resource Collection (JMRC)

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PhD Project:

The interaction between the entomo- and human pathogenic zygomycete Conidiobolus coronatus and insect hosts on the basis of genomes and transcriptomics



JSMC Faculty Members at the FSU Institute of Ecology