International Leibniz Research School for Microbial and Biomolecular Interactions (ILRS Jena)

The ILRS Jena ( focuses on communication between microorganisms and  of microorganisms with  human, insect and plant cells. In their natural habitat, microorganisms form multi-organism networks in which the relationships between interacting members can be  commensal, mutualistic, symbiotic or parasitic. The underlying mechanisms of communication between these organisms are poorly understood. Research at ILRS is therefore, designed to strengthen basic research in microbial and biomolecular interactions, and to provide excellent and structured education for its PhD students. The research projects investigate the mechanisms of communication which are involved in reciprocal recognition, infection of the human host by microorganisms, or to multitrophic interactions involving several organisms. ILRS Jena was the first Research Training Group of the Leibniz Association and is regarded as the prototype for the establishment of additional Research Training Groups by the Leibniz Association. ILRS research is divided into three subtopics: interaction between microorganisms, interactions of pathogenic microorganisms with hosts, and networks, interactions and their analysis.