Publications by: Nadine Möbius

Author Year Title Journal
Lackner G, Möbius N, Partida-Martinez L, Hertweck C 2011 Complete genome sequence of Burkholderia rhizoxinica, an endosymbiont of Rhizopus microsporus J Bacteriol 193: 783-784
Lackner G, Möbius N, Hertweck C 2011 Endofungal bacterium controls its host by an hrp type III secretion system ISME J. 5: 252-261
Lackner G, Möbius N, Partida-Martinez LP, Boland S, Hertweck C 2011 Evolution of an endofungal lifestyle: Deductions from the Burkholderia rhizoxinica genome BMC Genomics 12: 210
Möbius N, Hertweck C 2009 Fungal phytotoxins as mediators of virulence Curr Opin Plant Biol 12: 390-398
Lackner G, Möbius N, Scherlach K, Partida-Martinez LP, Winkler R, Schmitt I, et al. 2009 Global distribution and evolution of a toxinogenic Burkholderia-rhizopus symbiosis Appl Environ Microbiol 75: 2982-2986
Rohm B, Scherlach K, Möbius N, Partida-Martinez LP, Hertweck C 2010 Toxin production by bacterial endosymbionts of a Rhizopus microsporus strain used for tempe/sufu processing Int J Food Microbiol 136: 368-371

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