Publications by: Daniel Siegismund

Author Year Title Journal
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Shabalovskaya SA, Siegismund D, Heurich E, Rettenmayr M 2013 Evaluation of wettability and surface energy of native Nitinol surfaces in relation to hemocompatibility Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl (33)
Siegismund D, Keller TF, Jandt KD, Rettenmayr M 2010 Fibrinogen adsorption on biomaterials - A numerical study Macromol Biosci 10: 1216-1223
Siegismund D, Undisz A, Germerodt S, Schuster S, Rettenmayr M 2014 Quantification of the interaction between biomaterial surfaces and bacteria by 3-D modeling Acta Biomaterialia 10(1): 267-275
Siegismund D, Schroeter A, Schuster S, Rettenmayr M 2013 Quantitative Modeling of Fibrinogen Adsorption on Different Biomaterials Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering 6 (2): 210-219
Lüdecke C, Jandt KD, Siegismund D, Kujau MJ, Zang E, et al. 2014 Reproducible Biofilm Cultivation of Chemostat-Grown Escherichia coli and Investigation of Bacterial Adhesion on Biomaterials Using a Non-Constant-Depth Film Fermenter PLoS ONE 9(1)

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