Publications by: Dorothea Meldau

Author Year Title Journal
Meldau DG, Long HH, Baldwin IT 2012 A native plant growth promoting bacterium, Bacillus sp. B55, rescues growth performance of an ethylene-insensitive plant genotype in nature Front Plant Sci 3: 112
Meldau DG, Meldau S, Hoang LH, Underberg S, Wünsche H, Baldwin IT 2013 Dimethyl disulfide produced by the native Bacillus sp. B55 promotes Nicotiana attenuata growth by enhancing sulfur nutrition Plant Cell, in press
Long HH, Sonntag DG, Schmidt DD, Baldwin IT 2010 The structure of the culturable root bacterial endophyte community of Nicotiana attenuata is organized by soil composition and host plant ethylene production and perception New Phytol 185: 554-567

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