Publications by: Anja Voigt

Author Year Title Journal
Voigt A, Schofl G, Heidrich A, Sachse K, Saluz HP 2011 Full-length de novo sequence of the Chlamydophila psittaci type strain, 6BC J Bacteriol 193: 2662-2663
Voigt A, Schofl G, Saluz HP 2012 The Chlamydia psittaci genome: a comparative analysis of intracellular pathogens PLoS One 7: e35097-e35097
Schöfl G, Voigt A, Litsche K, Sachse K, Saluz HP 2011 The complete genome sequences of four mammalian isolates of Chlamydophila psittaci J Bacteriol 193: 4258

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