Publications by: Catarina Henke

Author Year Title Journal
Henke C, Kunert M, Veit D, Kunert G, Krause K, Kothe E, Boland W, 2015 Analysis of volatiles from Picea abies triggered by below-ground interactions Environmental and Experimental Botany, 56-61
Henke C, Nickel H, Scheu S, Schaeffer I 2013 Evidence for Wolbachia in leafhoppers of the genus Eupteryx with intersexual morphotypes Bulletin of Insectology 66 (1): 109 - 118
Henke C, Jung E, Kothe E 2015 Hartig’ net formation of Tricholoma vaccinum-spruce ectomycorrhiza in hydroponic cultures Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-6

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