Publications by: Martin Reinicke

Author Year Title Journal
Haferburg G, Reinicke M, Merten D, Büchel G, Kothe E 2007 Microbes adapted to acid mine drainage as source for strains active in retention of aluminum or uranium J Geochem Explor 92: 196-204
Walter A, Reinicke M, Bocklitz T, Schumacher W, Rösch P, Kothe E, et al. 2011 Raman spectroscopic detection of physiology changes in plasmid-bearing Escherichia coli with and without antibiotic treatment Anal Bioanal Chem 400: 2763-2773
Dimkpa C, Gherghel F, Haferburg G, Reinicke M, Schindler F, Schlunk I, et al. 2009 The effect of acid mine drainage on soil microbiology Plant 117: 476-491

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