Publications by: Jana Sitte

Author Year Title Journal
Küsel K, Burkhardt EM, Sitte J 2008 Effect of metal-reducing microorganisms on element fluxes in a former uranium-mining district in: Microbes in the environment: Perspectives and challendes. Liu SJ, Drake HL (Eds.), Science Press, Beijing, pp 128-137.
Burkhardt EM, Akob DM, Bischoff S, Sitte J, Kostka JE, Banerjee D, et al. 2010 Impact of biostimulated redox processes on metal dynamics in an iron-rich creek soil of a former uranium mining area Environ Sci Technol 44: 177-183
Sitte J, Akob DM, Kaufmann C, Finster K, Banerjee D, Burkhardt EM, et al. 2010 Microbial link between sulfate reduction and metal retention in uranium- and heavy metal-contaminated soil Appl Environ Microbiol 76: 3143-3152

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