Publications by: Angela Walter

Author Year Title Journal
Walter A, Erdmann S, Bocklitz T, Jung EM, Vogler N, Akimov D, et al. 2010 Analysis of the cytochrome distribution via linear and nonlinear Raman spectroscopy Analyst 135: 908-917
Walter A, Reinicke M, Bocklitz T, Schumacher W, Rösch P, Kothe E, et al. 2011 Raman spectroscopic detection of physiology changes in plasmid-bearing Escherichia coli with and without antibiotic treatment Anal Bioanal Chem 400: 2763-2773
Walter A, Marz A, Schumacher W, Rösch P, Popp J 2011 Towards a fast, high specific and reliable discrimination of bacteria on strain level by means of SERS in a microfluidic device Lab Chip 11: 1013-1021

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