Publications by: Miguel Tovar

Author Year Title Journal
Tovar M, Weber T, Hengoju S, Lovera A, Munser AS, Shvydkiv O, Roth M 2018 3D-glass molds for facile production of complex droplet microfluidic chips BIOMICROFLUIDICS 12 (2)
Alper JD, Tovar M, Howard J 2013 Displacement-weighted velocity analysis of gliding assays reveals that chlamydomonas axonemal dynein preferentially moves conspecific microtubules Biophys J
Mahler L, Tovar M, Weber T, Brandes S, Rudolph MM, Ehgartner J, Mayr T, Figge MT, Roth M, Zang E 2015 Enhanced and homogeneous oxygen availability during incubation of microfluidic droplets RSC Advances 5
Zang E, Brandes S, Tovar M, Martin K, Mech F, Horbert P,Henkel T, Figge MT, Roth M 2013 Real-time image processing for label-free enrichment of Actinobacteria cultivated in picolitre droplets Lab on a Chip
Zang E, Tovar M, Martin K, Henkel T, Roth M 2013 Screening for Antibiotic Activity in Droplet-Based Microfluidic Systems Micro-Segmented Flow

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