Publications by: Ramses Gallegos Monterrosa

Author Year Title Journal
Gallegos-Monterrosa R, Maróti G, Bálint B, Kovács ÁT 2016 Draft Genome Sequence of the Soil Isolate Lysinibacillus fusiformis M5, a Potential Hypoxanthine Producer Genome Announc. 2016 4:e01272-16
Mhatre E, Monterrosa RG, Kovács AT 2014 From environmental signals to regulators: modulation of biofilm development in Gram-positive bacteria J Basic Microbiol. 54(7):616-32
Gallegos-Monterrosa R, Kankel S, Götze S, Barnett R, Stallforth P, Kovács ÁT 2017 Lysinibacillus fusiformis M5 induces increased complexity in Bacillus subtilis168 colony biofilms via hypoxanthine signaling bioRxiv
Holscher T, Dragos A, Gallegos-Monterrosa R, Martin M, Mhatre E, Richter A, Kovacs AT 2016 Monitoring Spatial Segregation in Surface Colonizing Microbial Populations JOVE-JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS 116.
Holscher T, Bartels B, Lin YC, Gallegos-Monterrosa R, Price-Whelan A, Kolter R, Dietrich LEP, Kovacs AT 2015 Motility, Chemotaxis and Aerotaxis Contribute to Competitiveness during Bacterial Pellicle Biofilm Development JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 427 (23): 3695-3708.
Gallegos-Monterrosa R, Mhatre E, Kovács ÁT 2016 Specific Bacillus subtilis 168 variants form biofilms on nutrient-rich medium Microbiology 162: 1922-1932
Mhatre E, Troszok A, Gallegos-Monterrosa R, Lindstaedt S, Hoelscher T, Kuipers OP, Kovacs AT 2016 The impact of manganese on biofilm development of Bacillus subtilis Microbiology. 162(8): 1468-78

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