Publications by: Shih-Hung Hsieh

Author Year Title Journal
Hsieh SH, Brunke S,Brock M 2017 Encapsulation of Antifungals in Micelles Protects Candida albicans during Gall-Bladder Infection Front Microbiol. 8: 117.
Hsieh SH, Brock M 2017 Lipid components of bile increase the protective effect of conjugated bile salts against antifungal drugs Fungal Biol. 121(11):929-938.
Hsieh SH, Kurzai O, Brock M 2017 Persistence within dendritic cells marks an antifungal evasion and dissemination strategy of Aspergillus terreus Sci Rep. Sep 6;7(1):10590.

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