Publications by: Sarahi Garcia

Author Year Title Journal
Garcia SL, Salka I, Grossart HP, Warnecke F 2013 Depth-discrete profiles of bacterial communities reveal pronounced spatio-temporal dynamics related to lake stratification Environ Microbiol Rep, in press
Salka I, Wurzbacher C, Garcia SL, Labrenz M, Jurgens K, Grossart HP 2013 Distribution of acI-Actinorhodopsin genes in Baltic Sea salinity gradients indicates adaptation of facultative freshwater photoheterotrophs to brackish waters Environmental microbiology
Garcia SL, McMahon KD, Martinez-Garcia M, Srivastava A, Sczyrba A, Stepanauskas R, et al. 2013 Metabolic potential of a single cell belonging to one of the most abundant lineages in freshwater bacterioplankton ISME J 7: 137-147
Garcia SL, McMahon KD, Grossart HP, Warnecke F 2013 Successful enrichment of the ubiquitous freshwater acI Actinobacteria Environmental Microbiology Reports
Garcia SL, Jangid K, Whitman WB, Das KC 2011 Transition of microbial communities during the adaptation to anaerobic digestion of carrot waste Bioresour. Technol. 102: 7249 – 7256

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