Publications by: Florian Hennicke

Author Year Title Journal
Knabe N, Jung EM, Freihorst D, Hennicke F, Horton JS, Kothe E 2013 A Central Role for Ras1 in Morphogenesis of the Basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune Eukaryot. Cell. 12: 941-52
Hennicke F, Piepenbring M 2008 Critical review of recent records of Russulaceae from Panama Mycotaxon 106: 455-467
Svobodová E, Staib P, Losse J, Hennicke F, Barz D, Józsi M 2012 Differential interaction of the two related fungal species Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis with human neutrophils in vitro The Journal of Immunology 189: 2502-2511
Herzog R, Solovyeva I, Rühl M, Thines M, Hennicke F 2016 Dikaryotic fruiting body development in a single dikaryon of Agrocybe aegerita and the spectrum of monokaryotic fruiting types in its monokaryotic progeny Mycological Progress 15: 947-957
Hennicke F, Cheikh-Ali Z, Liebisch T, Maciá-Vicente JG, Bode HB, Piepenbring M 2016 Distinguishing commercially grown Ganoderma lucidum from Ganoderma lingzhi from Europe and East Asia on the basis of morphology, molecular phylogeny, and triterpenic acid profiles Phytochemistry 127: 29-37
Hennicke F, Grumbt M, Lermann U, Ueberschaar N, Palige K, Böttcher B, Jacobsen ID, Staib C, Morschhäuser J, Monod M, Hube B, Hertweck C, Staib P 2013 Factors supporting cysteine tolerance and sulfite production in Candida albicans Eukaryotic Cell 12: 604-613
Rennemeier C, Frambach T, Hennicke F, Dietl J, Staib P 2009 Microbial quorum-sensing molecules induce acrosome loss and cell death in human spermatozoa Infect Immun 77: 4990-4997

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