Publications by: Stefanie König

Author Year Title Journal
Korp J, Konig S, Schieferdecker S, Dahse HM, Konig GM, Werz O, Nett M 2015 Harnessing Enzymatic Promiscuity in Myxochelin Biosynthesis for the Production of 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitors CHEMBIOCHEM 16 (17): 2445-2450.
Bohnert M, Scherer O, Wiechmann K, Konig S, Dahse HM, Hoffmeister D, Werz O 2014 Melleolides induce rapid cell death in human primary monocytes and cancer cells BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 22 (15): 3856-3861.
Wiechmann K, Muller H, Konig S, Wielsch N, Svatos A, Jauch J, Werz O 2017 Mitochondrial Chaperonin HSP60 Is the Apoptosis-Related Target for Myrtucommulone CELL CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 24 (5): 614-+
Schieferdecker S, Konig S, Koeberle A, Dahse HM, Werz O, Net, M 2015 Myxochelins Target Human 5-Lipoxygenase JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS 78 (2): 335-338.
Garscha U, Romp E, Pace S, Rossi A, Temml V, Schuster D, Konig, S, Gerstmeier J, Liening S, Werner M, Atze H, Wittmann S, Weinigel C, Rummler S, Scriba GK, Sautebin L, Werz O 2017 Pharmacological profile and efficiency in vivo of diflapolin, the first dual inhibitor of 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein and soluble epoxide hydrolase SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7
Schieferdecker S, Konig S, Weigel C, Dahse HM, Werz O, Nett M 2014 Structure and Biosynthetic Assembly of Gulmirecins, Macrolide Antibiotics from the Predatory Bacterium Pyxidicoccus fallax CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 20 (48): 15933-15940.

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