Publications by: Maja Rischer

Author Year Title Journal
Rischer M, Klassen JL, Wolf T, Guo H, Shelest E, Clardy J, Beemelmanns C 2016 Draft Genome Sequence of Shewanella sp. Strain P1-14-1, a Bacterial Inducer of Settlement and Morphogenesis in Larvae of the Marine Hydroid Hydractinia echinata Genome Announc
Guo HJ, Rischer M, Sperfeld M, Weigel C, Menzel KD, Clardy J, Beemelmanns C 2017 Natural products and morphogenic activity of gamma-Proteobacteria associated with the marine hydroid polyp Hydractinia echinata BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 25 (22): 6088-6097.
Beemelmanns C, Guo HJ, Rischer M, Poulsen M 2016 Natural products from microbes associated with insects BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 12: 314-327.

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