Publications by: Theresia Conrad

Author Year Title Journal
Guthke R, Gerber S, Conrad T, Vlaic S, Durmus S, Cakir T, Sevilgen FE, Shelest E, Linde J 2016 Data-based Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Networks of Fungal Pathogens FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY 7
Hebecker B, Vlaic S, Conrad T, Bauer M, Brunke S, Kapitan M, Linde J, Hube B, Jacobsen ID 2016 Dual-species transcriptional profiling during systemic candidiasis reveals organ-specific host-pathogen interactions SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6
Schleicher J, Conrad T, Gustafsson M, Cedersund G, Guthke R, Linde J 2017 Facing the challenges of multiscale modelling of bacterial and fungal pathogen-host interactions BRIEFINGS IN FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS 16 (2): 57-69.
Vlaic S, Conrad T, Tokarski-Schnelle C, Gustafsson M, Dahmen U, Guthke R, Schuster S 2018 ModuleDiscoverer: Identification of regulatory modules in protein-protein interaction networks SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8, Article Number: 433.

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