Publications by: Nadine Legros

Author Year Title Journal
Legros N, Pohlentz G, Runde J, Dusny S, Humpf HU, Karch H, Muthing J 2017 Colocalization of receptors for Shiga toxins with lipid rafts in primary human renal glomerular endothelial cells and influence of D-PDMP on synthesis and distribution of glycosphingolipid receptors GLYCOBIOLOGY 27 (10): 947-965.
Legros N, Dusny S, Humpf HU, Pohlentz G, Karch H, Muthing J 2017 Shiga toxin glycosphingolipid receptors and their lipid membrane ensemble in primary human blood-brain barrier endothelial cells GLYCOBIOLOGY 27 (1): 99-109.

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