Doctoral Speakers & Representatives in the JSMC Executive Board

The JSMC Doctoral Speakers

Annica Pschibul
Felicia Stanford
Lia Ivanova
Farzaneh Pourmasoumi
Teresa Mayer

Tasks of the Speakers:

  • supporting JSMC Doctoral Researchers in the initiation/organization of (social) events within the JSMC Community; keeping the overview over such events; and/or initiating/organizing such events themselves
  • coordinating the MiCo Colloquium (i.e. the invitation of guests by the JSMC Doctoral Researchers)
  • communicating with the JSMC Management (e.g. to convey concerns, ideas and criticism from the JSMC Doctoral Researchers; to give their opinion & input on new JSMC procedures and developments)
  • + other tasks they consider important

Tasks of the Representatives

  • representing the JSMC Doctoral Researchers in the JSMC Executive Board (board meetings: ~ every 2 months)
    • bringing in ideas, constructive criticism and concerns
    • participating in decision-making
    • e.g. selections of projects for the JSMC Recruitment and awardees of JSMC grants

Hall of Fame of former JSMC Doctoral Speakers & Representatives

Wolfgang Vivas
Iuliia Ferling
Sarah Irmscher
Prasad Aiyar
Miguel Tovar
Ramses Gallegos
Jakob Weber
Marta Ferreira Gomes
Alessio Garrone
Silvio Waschina
Zerrin Üzüm
Juliane Fischer
Sarahi Garcia
Daniel Schwenk
Markus Bohnert
Martin Föge
Crisanto Lopez
Dennis Görlich
Nadine Möbius
Anne Braunschweig
Frank Schindler

Thank you all for your outstanding commitment and great enrichment of the JSMC community!