Vacant Projects

Various PhD research projects are offered within the current Recruitment Call jointly organized by the

Jena School for Microbial Communication (JSMC)

and the

Please note that the current Call for Applications is closed and that the candidate selection is already ongoing.
Further applications for the projects below can not be considered.

JSMC PhD Project offered within the Recruitment Call 2018

JSMC Project No: 97/2018

Photonics as a non-destructive investigation strategy for biofilms

PhD Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Popp

JSMC Project No: 123/2018

Predatory interactions between mycophagous amoeba and fungal pathogens

PhD Supervisors: Dr. Falk Hillmann, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hube

JSMC Project No: 127/2018

‘Reverse zombification’: suppressor mutagenesis of plants overexpressing phytoplasma effector proteins to identify host factors of disease phenotype

PhD Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Günther Theißen, Prof. Dr. Erika Kothe

ILRS PhD Projects offered within the Recruitment Call 2018

ILRS Project No: 01/2018:

Mechanisms of microbial communication leading to activation of silent gene clusters

PhD Supervisors: Prof. Dr. A. Brakhage

ILRS Project No: 02/2018:

Influence of the microbiome on Candida colonization and infection

PhD Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ilse Jacobsen

ILRS Project No: 03/2018:

Nuclear identity and nuclear migration in Schizophyllum commune

PhD Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Erika Kothe

ILRS Project No: 04/2018:

Exploring the Role of Light in Microalgal-Pathogen Interactions

PhD Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Maria Mittag

ILRS Project No: 05/2018:

Characterization of secreted fungal proteins that control host immunity

PhD Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Peter Zipfel