Mentoring Program

Each PhD thesis is supervised by two faculty members. The mentors cover different research areas so as to promote the inter-faculty education of the PhD students. Seminars and regular consultations with the two supervisors allow both the mentors and the PhD students to monitor success continuously. The mentors also help in finding a post-doc position.  The three years of working towards a PhD are tightly structered with interdisciplinary education and a cumulative PhD thesis, which foster an early sense of responsibility for the publication of data. 

Central elements of the mentoring program are:

  • Thesis committee meetings to ensure that the career development plan of each individual PhD student is carried out
  • Weekly seminars with regular scientific progress reports and literature reports
  • Twice-yearly School Symposia and monthly informal fellow meetings with work progress reports to promote exchange between the PhD students of JSMC
  • Seminars to aid and encourage scientific writing as well as co-reviewing of manuscripts with a native English speaker provided from JSMC sources