Friedrich Schiller University

Friedrich Schiller University's main building
The Accouchierhaus (red building) is the home of the Jena Graduate Academy and the JSMC Office
Inner courtyard of the Institutes of Microbiology, Pharmacy, and Zoology

Friedrich Schiller University is one of Germany's most dynamic and, with an enrolment of 21,300 (winter semester 2009/10), fastest growing universities. Despite the fact that the number of students has quadrupled since 1989, the university is not overcrowded. More than 2000 lecturers and researchers, 340 of whom are professors, ensure quality teaching and training commensurate with a first-class university. In addition, more than 800 scientists and technical staff work on research projects financed by outside sponsors. Jena`s university has always enjoyed an excellent reputation for its academic potential. The most striking features of research in Jena are its interdisciplinary  nature, synergistic networking and innovative approaches.

The university's profile is composed of five priority research areas:

  • I The Ernst Abbe Centre for Photonics
  • II Innovative Materials and Procedures
  • III Dynamics of Complex Biological Systems
  • IV Science and Cultural Patterns
  • V Individuals and Social Change

JSMC is an integral element of priority area III "Dynamics of Complex Biological Systems".