Jena Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy was established in order to create a high standard research environment for PhD students of all disciplines.  ‘Early stage researchers' are prepared for their professional career in science, business and society. The Graduate School 'JSMC' is a member of the Jena Graduate Academy. Therefore, the study program of JGA is open to all JSMC PhD students.

The Graduate Academy offers:

  • Attractive study programmes combining disciplinary and interdisciplinary topics
  • Specially tailored courses in transferable skills
  • Intensive individual supervision by a team of internationally recognised faculty members
  • Integration in lively peer networks and the exciting scientific atmosphere in Jena

By establishing the Jena Graduate Academy, the Friedrich Schiller University recognises the increasing importance of post-gradual research training and advances the restructuring of doctoral education at the FSU. This project is closely connected to the Berlin Communiqué (2003) as part of the Bologna process.