JSMC Initiative 'MikroInter' awarded within Thuringian 'Pro-Exzellenz' Program


With the funding of the JSMC 'MikroInter' project - in addition to the funding of ‘MikroPlex‘– the Free State of Thuringia demonstrates its strong support of the Graduate School of Excellence ‘JSMC’. Both MikroInter and MikroPlex further strengthen the applied and (bio-)technological aspects of the graduate school.

A major part of the MikroInter funding goes into a new stipend program of the JSMC, named ‘Beutenberg-Stipendien’. This PhD fellowship program follows the motto of the Beutenberg Campus (where many JSMC-associated research institutions are located): “Life Science meets Physics”. The PhD projects are thematically situated at interfaces between life sciences and physics/technology. They are mentored by at least two supervisors at collaborating research institutions in Jena.

Press release on 'MikroInter' (external link; German)