Publications by: Eileen Schütze

Author Year Title Journal
Roth A, Buchhoz A, Rudolph M, Schütze E, Kothe E, Plass W 2008 Directed synthesis of a heterobimetallic complex based on a novel unsymmetric double-Schiff-base ligand: Preparation, characterization, reactivity and structures of hetero- and homobimetallic nickel(II) and zinc(II) complexes Chem-Eur J 14: 1571-1583
Kothe E, Dimkpa C, Haferburg G, Schmidt A, Schütze E 2010 Streptomycete heavy metal resistance: Extracellular and intracellular mechanisms Soil Heavy Metals 19: 225-235
Dimkpa C, Gherghel F, Haferburg G, Reinicke M, Schindler F, Schlunk I, et al. 2009 The effect of acid mine drainage on soil microbiology Plant 117: 476-491

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