Publications by: Nayla Jbeily

Author Year Title Journal
Gonnert FA, Recknagel P, Seidel M, Jbeily N, Dahlke K, Bockmeyer CL, et al. 2011 Characteristics of clinical sepsis reflected in a reliable and reproducible rodent sepsis model J Surg Res doi:10.1016/j.jss.2011.05.019 [Epub ahead of print]
Jbeily N, Suckert I, Gonnert FA, Acht B, Bockmeyer CL, Grossmann SD, Blaess MF, Lueth A, Deigner HP, Bauer M, Claus RA 2013 Hyperresponsiveness of mice deficient in plasma-secreted sphingomyelinase reveals its pivotal role in early phase of host response J Lipid Res. 54(2):410-24
Recknagel P, Gonnert FA, Halilbasic E, Gajda M, Jbeily N, Lupp A, Rubio I, Claus RA, Kortgen A, Trauner M, Singer M, Bauer M 2013 Mechanisms and functional consequences of liver failure substantially differ between endotoxaemia and faecal peritonitis in rats Liver Int. 33(2):283-93

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