Publications by: Dahai Yang

Author Year Title Journal
Yang D, Hettenhausen C, Baldwin IT, Wu J 2011 BAK1 regulates the accumulation of jasmonic acid and the levels of trypsin proteinase inhibitors in Nicotiana attenuata's responses to herbivory J. Exp. Bot 62: 641-652
Hettenhausen C, Yang DH, T. BI, Wu J 2013 Calcium-dependent protein kinases, CDPK4 and CDPK5, affect early steps of jasmonic acid biosynthesis in Nicotiana attenuata Plant Signaling Behav 8:
Yang DH, Y. SL, J. H, W.B. Y, Z.G. L, Y.H. C, et al. 2012 Enhanced tolerance to NaCl and LiCl stresses by over-expressing Caragana korshinskii sodium/proton exchanger 1 (CkNHX1) and the hydrophilic C terminus is required for the activity of CkNHX1 in Atsos3-1 mutant and yeast Biochem Bioph Res Commun 417: 732-737
Yang DH, Hettenhausen C, Baldwin IT, Wu J 2012 Nicotiana attenuata Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinases, CDPK4 and CDPK5, Strongly Downregulate Wound- and Herbivory-Induced Jasmonic Acid Accumulations Plant Physiol 159: 1591 - 607
Yang DH, Baldwin IT, Wu J 2013 Silencing brassinosteroid receptor BRI1 impairs herbivory-elicited accumulation of jasmonic acid-isoleucine and diterpene glycosides, but not jasmonic acid and trypsin proteinase inhibitors in Nicotiana attenuata J. Integr. Plant Biol
Yang DH, Hettenhausen C, Baldwin IT, Wu J 2011 The multifaceted function of BAK1/SERK3: Plant immunity to pathogens and responses 1 to insect herbivores Plant Signal Behav 6:

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