Publications by: Jörg Linde

Author Year Title Journal
Tierney L, Linde J, Müller S, Brunke S, Molina JC, Hube B, et al. 2012 An Interspecies Regulatory Network Inferred from Simultaneous RNA-seq of Candida albicans Invading Innate Immune Cells Front Microbiol 3: 85
Priebe S, Linde J, Albrecht D, Guthke R, Brakhage AA 2011 FungiFun: A web-based application for functional categorization of fungal genes and proteins Fungal Genet Biol 48: 353-358
Altwasser R, Linde J, Buyko E, Hahn U, Guthke R 2012 Genome-Wide Scale-Free Network Inference for Candida albicans Front Microbiol 3: 51
Altwasser R, Baldin C, Weber J, Guthke R, Kniemeyer O, Brakhage AA, Linde J, Valiante V 2015 Network Modeling Reveals Cross Talk of MAP Kinases during Adaptation to Caspofungin Stress in Aspergillus fumigatus PloS one
Linde J, Olsson B, Lubovac Z 2009 Network properties for ranking predicted miRNA targets in breast cancer Adv Bioinformatics 2009: Article ID 182689
Linde J, Hortschansky P, Fazius E, Brakhage AA, Guthke R, Haas H 2012 Regulatory interactions for iron homeostasis in Aspergillus fumigatus inferred by a Systems Biology approach BMC Systems Biology 6:
Linde J, Wilson D, Hube B, Guthke R 2010 Regulatory network modelling of iron acquisition by a fungal pathogen in contact with epithelial cells BMC Systems Biology 4: 148

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