Publications by: Khabat Vahabi

Author Year Title Journal
Vahabi K, Camehl I, Sherameti I, Oelmüller R 2013 Growth of Arabidopsis seedlings on high fungal doses of Piriformospora indica has little effect on plant performance, stress, and defense gene expression in spite of elevated jasmonic acid and jasmonic acid-isoleucine levels in the roots. Plant Signal Behav. 2013 Nov;8(11):e26301.
Vahabi K, Meichsner D, Oelmüller R 2014 Interaction of Arabidopsis and Piriformospora indica in a hydroponic system Journal of Endocytobiosis and Cell Research 10, 25:53-55.
Vahabi K, Sun C, Govindaswamy J, Falkenberg D, Venus T and Oelmüller R 2015 Stomata staining in Arabidopsis (Technic report) Journal of Endocytobiosis and Cell Research 26: 21-24
Vahabi K, Sherameti I,Bakshi M, Mrozinska A, Ludwig A, Reichelt M,Oelmüller R 2015 The interaction of Arabidopsis with Piriformospora indica shifts from initial transient stress induced by fungus-released chemical mediators to a mutualistic interaction after physical contact of the two symbionts BMC Plant Biology 15:58

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