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Zhang, Xiaoyuan

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Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Institute for Materials Science and Technology (IMT)
PhD Project:

Highly Oriented Nanostructured Surfaces of Block Copolymer for Biomedical Applications

Abstract: During the last decades, one of the major trends in the biomaterial research has been the functionalization of the material surfaces to control the biological response of the host...
... (human body) to improve the biocompatibility. Prevention of nonspecific protein adsorption and microorganisms adhesion on biomatetial surfaces play key roles for successful integration of implants into the human body. It was reported that fabrication of biomaterial surfaces with different nanostructures, especially with different chemical and physical properties, is an effective method to control the protein adsorption and the microorganisms adhesion. So far, only few work focused on the influence of both topographical and chemical surface properties on the protein and microorganisms behavior. Melt-drawn amphiphilic block copolymer thin films are excellent 2D model surfaces to investigate the interaction between surface properties and proteins as well as microorganisms. These functional biomaterial thin films have potential use for broad biomedical applications, e.g., tissue engineering, antimicrobial mat, drug delivery, and optical device/biosensor application. The aim of this research is to investigate the influence of functional block copolymer surfaces with different nanotopographies and chemical properties on protein and microbial adhesion.