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Author Year Title Journal
Jaradat SM, Ababneh KT, Jaradat SA, Abbadi MS, Taha AH, Karasneh JA, Haddad, HI 2012 Association of interleukin-10 gene promoter polymorphisms with chronic and aggressive periodontitis Oral Diseases 18: 271- 279
Jaradat SW, Hoder-Przyrembel C, Cubillos S, Krieg N, Lehmann K, Piehler S, Sigusch BW, Norgauer J 2013 Beta-defensin-2 Genomic Copy Number Variation and Chronic Periodontitis Journal of dental research
Jaradat SW, Cubillos S, Krieg N, Lehmann K, Issa B, Piehler S, Wehner-Diab S, Hipler UC, Norgauer J 2015 Low DEFB4 Copy Number and High Systemic hBD-2 and IL-22 Levels Are Associated with Dermatophytosis Journal of Investigative Dermatology 135 (3): 750-758.

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